An American soldier kisses his girlfriend goodbye at Penn Station, New York, 1944.

"maybe you shouldnt eat all of tha-"


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This guy came into work today with a broken window to get fixed. As soon as i saw him I noticed his tats on his arm. He was pretty old but his tattoos were so well done that they i couldn’t tell if they were done 50 years ago or just a couple years ago. He told me “I got all these downtown back in the 1950’s and the last one I got at that place was an eagle coverin my whole back and I told him to finish all in one visit and he said he couldn’t. He finished all he had time for and told me to come back in two weeks to finish it. Only just a few days before it was time to go get it finished, the man died and to this day I haven’t got it finished.” This guy was so rad and some pretty sweet tattoos.  He proved to me that if you get your tattoos done by a pro, they wont be blobs when you’re older. Good thing I learned that from the start. #tattoos #traditionaltattoos #art #coolguy